Check Internet Connection

How to check if your computer  is connected to the internet with C#. It's much more easier that other tutorials I've seen in other sites. Indeed, we're going to use a simple API function InternetGetConnectedState, to return a boolean variable.

This function takes two arguments :

The first one is an integer used with out keyword, that means that after calling the function, the variable will contain an interger that describes the connection state ( use of a modem, use of a proxy, offline mode...). Note that you must refer to for more information about that.
The second one is a reserved variable that must be set to 0.

In this tutorial, we'll create a class with a static function that returns true if connected and false if not, using our API function in private state.

Check this out :

using System ;
using System.Runtime ;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices ;
public class InternetCS
//Creating the extern function...
private extern static bool InternetGetConnectedState( out int Description, int ReservedValue ) ;
//Creating a function that uses the API function...
public static bool IsConnectedToInternet( )
int Desc ;
return InternetGetConnectedState( out Desc, 0 ) ;