Copy Or Move The Items From A SharePoint Online Document Library

In this article, I would like to share the steps to copy or move the document from one folder to another folder or one document library to another document library in SharePoint online. We have already seen how to:

What a SharePoint Document Library is

  • A Document Library is a collection of files that you can share as documents with your team members
  • A Document Library stores the files and you can maintain the data in various folders
  • A SharePoint Document Library is a place on a site where you can create, collect, and update files with others
  • You can set the permission to each Document Library for the users
  • You can show a Document Library in web part pages as List View Web Parts

Steps to copy or move the items

Follow the below listed steps to copy or move the item.

Step 1

Go to your SharePoint site.


Step 2

Open the document library from the site contents.


Step 3

On the document library, select the item from the document library that you want to copy or move.


Step 4

Then choose ellipse (..) icon and click “Copy to” or “Move to”, here I selected copy to function.


Step 5

Choose the designation, it may be your current library or a different library from a different site within the tenant.


Step 6

You can also create the folder inside the document library and copy the document.


Step 7

For demo purposes, I have chosen “Current Library” and created one folder, as shown below.


Step 8

I have selected my designation, and click the “Copy here” button.


Finally, the document will be copied inside the folder successfully,



In this article, we have explored how to copy or move the document from SharePoint document library. Happy learning!!!