How To Setup Cost Alert In Azure

Azure Cost alerts feature allows you monitor and set alerts on your spending in Azure.
Login to your Azure account and search for Cost Management that allows you to manage cost on your Azure account. Some of the options available in cost management are cost analysis, cost alerts, budgets, and advisor recommendations.
Cost Alert in Azure 
Click on Cost alerts link as you can see on the above screen.
In the right side, you will see an option to Add a new cost alert. Click on Add link. See below.
Cost Alert in Azure 
Click on Add will take you to the Create Budget page where you can create a budget for the month.
Cost Alert in Azure
As you can see on the above screen, I give budget a name, set a period, start and expiration dates, and set amount $3000. You will also see below my budget amount, there is a suggested budget forecast by Azure.
On the next screen, you will have to provide an email and when you want to receive alerts. In my case, I want to get alerts when I reach 75% and 90% of my budget.
Cost Alert in Azure
Finish this screen and once done, you will see a message that your budget was created successfully.
Cost Alert in Azure
Now you can sleep tight and relax. If your budget reaches its limit, you will get an email notification.

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