Create A New Sub-Site Under SharePoint Using Office 365


This article will help you to add a new sub-site under your site collection page to work with and add some content for it.

Note: Make sure that you have worked on my previous articles before stepping into this demo.


Developer Requirements

Office 365 subscription with SharePoint subscription.

Step 1: Login to your SharePoint site collection page. Here in my case “Events” is my site collection. Now click on settings - Site Contents.


Step 2: Click on Add a new subtitle,

Add a new subtitle

Step 3: Enter contents for all these pages such as Title, Description, Web Site Address, Template Selection, User Permission, Navigation and Navigation Inheritance. Once after configuring click on Create.




Step 4: Now your site content page is added with the title of Registration Department. Let's remove the unwanted content at this page and links now.

Click on Edit Links and remove the unwanted links that are visible at the right pane of your page such as Notebook, Documents, Site Contents, etc.,

Edit Links

Click on Save once after its removed.


Step 5: Goto Settings option and click on Edit page again to remove the unwanted options available at the page such as Get started with your site, Newsfeed, Documents, etc.,

Settings - Edit Page

Edit Page

Remove the unwanted panels now by clicking on the left arrow and click on Delete,


Give OK to remove it.


Step 6: Repeat the same to remove documents and Site feed panel.

Site feed panel

Site feed panel

Click on OK to remove it.


Click on Save to save the changes that you have made.


Step 7: Now the content of the page is removed. Let's add some text content on this page now.

Click on Settings - Edit page.

Edit page

Step 8: Add some content now. Here I have added the content as “This site is for the registration team”. Once after adding it Click on Save.


Here your URL comes with a site collection followed by sub-site
Here is my site collection and is my sub-site.

Step 9: Let's go to which is my home page of site collection, here you can find my sub-site of Registration Department is displayed.


Clicking on Registration Department will take me to the Registration Department sub-site page.