Create A Bot With Azure

In this article, you will learn how to create a Bot and run it with Azure. Prior to starting, you need to have a valid account on  Azure. If you don't have it, you can create a free account on Azure by clicking on the link (

How to create a Bot using Azure Bot Services?

After logging in to Azure, follow the steps given below to create a Bot, using Azure Bot Services.

Step 1

Click Menu icon on left, select New, followed by Data + Analytics and finally Bot Service (Preview), as shown below.

Step 2

Enter App name, Subscription, Resource Group, Location, as per your dezire. Afterwards, fill in all the details and click Create button.

Step 3

Click Notification icon, which is located on top right corner, which is next to Search icon. You will get Notification success message in to Notification bar and click the message, as shown below.

Step 4

Afterwards, click Notification message and you will get the screen given below to generate Microsoft App Id and password. Click the button.

This will redirect to the Microsoft site. For this, you need to log in and generate Appid and password. Now you will get an App Id and a password. Save the AppId and password on your note. Now, provide an Appid and a password.

Now, select your programming language. Here, I am selecting C# and select the template, as per your desire. Here, I am creating a simple Bot, so I am selecting a basic template, as given below.

After choosing template, click Create Bot button and wait. It will take some time. Afterwards, you will see Bot's source file on Azure editor. Now, your Bot has been created. You are registered with Bot framework, which is deployed to Cloud and is fully functional.

Step 5

Now, sign on Bot framework portal and you will see your Bot is listed under My Bots button.

Step 6

Now, test your Bot.

Click Test button. On top right corner on Azure portal, you will see Chat panel. Type your message and Bot will provide response, as given below.