You might have come across a situation where you feel that you are investing so much time in PowerApps to recreate same UI controls across apps or across different screen. E.g. Header section, Navigation menu, Approve reject buttons, Dialog box etc.
Yes, we can put together many controls and build one component and reuse it across mutliple screens in same app. In next article we will see how can we make use of components library so that we can reuse these components aross apps.

Components – what is it?

  • Its set of controls put together – building blocks
  • Component can have input and output properties to communicate with hosting app
  • If any changes are made then the changes will be reflected to all instances of component automatically
  • Easy to maintain, reduce duplication efforts
  • It can be app scoped, used in multiple screens in same app
  • It can be published to component library and used across multiple apps
  • You can't access controls in the component from outside of the component. And you can't refer to anything outside of the component from inside the component

Create code less reusable components in PowerApps
Aug 03 2020

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article we will see how to create code less components in PowerApps which can be reused.