Create Your First Azure Machine Learning Workspace

This post will helps you to create your first Azure Machine Learning workspace. For this you should log in with either a free or paid Azure subscription, or using the free trial Azure Machine learning offer.

This post will help you to create your first Azure Machine Learning workspace. For this, you should log in with either a free or a paid Azure subscription, or you must be using the free trial Azure Machine learning offer.

First, open the Azure Management Portal, you should have this interface.

Machine Learning workspace

The interface contains all the tools that you need in order to create, manage, and publish your machine learning experiments on the cloud. So, to create an ML (Machine Learning), you should click on the Machine Learning workspacebutton.

Machine Learning workspace

Machine Learning workspace

In this part, I will explain each entry,

    A unique name for your workspace

    The owner of the valid Microsoft account.

    Cannot be a non-Microsoft account.

  • Location
    Azure ML services are available only in the South Central U.S. region

    Select the option to either create a new storage account or use an existing storage account.

    It should be in lowercase alphanumiric characters, it is used to create a new storage account for you azure ML workspace


When you click on this Machine Learning workspace button at the bottom of your page, Azure will create a new ML workspace to be use to create and host you Azure ML experiments.

You should have a similar interface.

Machine Learning workspace

This is the main interface to manage user access to your workspace, and manage any web services that you migth have deployed as a result of your experiments in your workspace.

The navigation menu contains,

  • Dashbord
    Is used to monitor the relative absolute computational usage of your workspece

  • Configure 
    Is used to deny or allow user access to the Azure ML

  • Web services
    Allows the user to manage web services, even configure endpoints and access your API

The +NEW button, i.e., Machine Learning workspace  creates a new workspace.

Machine Learning workspace

The top bar navigation:

  • HOME
    Links to resources and documentation

    The landing page for Azure ML studio resources

    Trending experiments and sample experiments

The left side bar navigation:

    Create, run and save the experiements as drafts

    The published experiments

    Uploaded datasets that can be used in the experiments

    A New predictive models that been « trained »

    Used to Configure your account and resources