Create Your First Vue.js App

In this article, I will guide you in the process of getting started with Vue.js, and in creating first vue.js application.

Prerequisites of React:

  • Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript 
  • Basic knowledge of command line
  • node.js installed

To create a Vue.js app, you should have node.js installed on your machine. You can check whether node.js is installed on your machine or not using the following command.

node -v

If node.js is not installed, you can download it from the node.js offical website.

Create your first Vue.js app

After installation, you can check node.js version using the node-v command.

Vue.js cli Installation

Execute the following command in the terminal or command prompt to install Vue.js cli.

npm install -g @vue/cli

Create your first Vue.js app

Now you can check the vue cli version using the following command.

vue -version

Create First Vue.js App

To create a Vue.js app, use the following command in the terminal.

vue create myfirstapp

Create your first Vue.js app

Open the project in Visual studio code.

Create your first Vue.js app

Now run the project using the following command.

npm run serve


In this article, we learned the basics of Vue.js and how to create vue.js applications using vue-cli.

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