Creating A Team Project With Git


This article is a continuation of Visual Studio Online – Creating a new Visual Studio Online account and creating a team project with TFVC. This will help you for Creating a New Project using Git and inviting members to work with it.

Note: Follow my previous article to create an online Visual Studio Account.

Developer Requirements
  1. Internet Connectivity.
  2. Visual Studio Online Account.

What is Git?

You can use Git to manage modular codebases that are distributed across multiple repositories. When you use Git, each developer on your team has a copy of the entire source repository on their dev machine. As a result, you can perform many version control tasks even if you don’t have a network connection. When you need to switch contexts, you can quickly create a private local branch. Later, you can either publish the branch or dispose it of.

Follow the below steps to create a Team Project with Git, and invite members to work with it.

Step 1: Here, I will go with my online Visual Studio URL directly, to create a New Project with Git.

Open your Visual Studio URL.

Click on New under Recent Projects and Team.


Step 2: Enter your project name, description, and process template, followed by version control. Make sure that “Git” is selected for Version Control.


Click on Create Project.

Create Project

Navigate to project
Click on Navigate to project.

Navigate to project

Here, your project has been created using Git.


Step 3: Now, add members to work with this project using “Invite a friend” under Team Members. Click on Add to add new team members.

add team members

Enter any email id or group aliases to work with it, in the following window.

email id

email id

Click on Save Changes after adding the User email ID.

User email ID

Now, you can find all the added email IDs of the team members who are working with this project.

team members

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