Creating Amazon EC2 In AWS


In this article, we will see how to create AWS EC2.

  • Concept
  • Implementation – Creating an AWS EC2.
  • Implementation – Connect to the AWS EC2


  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a secure web service that provides a secure, resizable computing capacity in the cloud.
  • It allows you to have complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on Amazon’s proven computing environment.
  • Benefits of EC2 are that you can decrease or increase capacity within minutes or days.
  • The best advantage is that you can scale up and scale down according to your need.
  • You can stop any instance any time. The best advantage is that instance can be rebooted remotely using web service APIs, you also have access to their console output.
  • Amazon EC2 provides you a highly reliable environment where replacement instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned.
  • Cloud security is the highest security and highest priority for everyone. You will benefit from the data center and network architecture built to meet the requirement.
  • Amazon EC2 provides multiple images for different operating systems.

Implementation – Creating an AWS EC2

  • Sign into Aws Management Console Portal


  • Then Drag and Pin the EC2 onto the top.


  • Double Click on the EC2

  • Click on Launch Instance.
  • Select or Choose Amazon Machine Image.
  • We have several images or operating system to be select on Amazon.
  • Select Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Base.
  • And it’s a free tier to create a virtual machine of windows server 2012 R2 Base.


  • Select your virtual machine image.
  • Choose an Instance Type.


  • Now Configure Instance Details.
  • Create VPC and subnet group and fill all the required details into it.

  • Next step is to add the storage so if you require more storage into that machine you can add New Volume.

  • Next Step is to Add Tags.
  • So you can add tags to Key-Value pair to identify your machine easier.


  • Now, you need to configure your security group to secure your virtual machines.
  • You have two options --  you can create a new security group or you can select an existing security group.

  • Click on the next screen, Review Instance launch.
  • See the configuration which you have selected or configured.
  • Then click on Launch.
  • This will launch your virtual machine instance.

  • Once you click on the Launch button you need to create Key value pair.
  • You need to generate a key to login into your EC2 instance.
  • Select Create a new key pair.


  • Give key pair name and click on download key pair.
  • Then click on Launch Instance.

Implementation – Connect to the AWS EC2

  • Connect to the AWS EC2.


  • Now, we will connect the AWS instance.
  • Click on connect to connect the instance.


  • Now, click on Get password and upload/choose to file your downloaded key pair file (.pem).

  • Click on Decrypt password.


  • Save this password in notepad which helps you to connect the EC2 instance later on.
  • Now download the remote desktop file and connect to the EC2 instance.


  • Give username and password and connect the windows server 2012 R2 Base.
  • If you are not able to connect it just enable Remote desktop from Windows 10 OS Settings.


This is how you can use Amazon EC2.