Creating Azure for Students Account

Azure for Students offers a license with $100 in Azure credits that can be used for the first 12 months along with some free services without the need to provide a credit card when subscribing.

Below, it is shown step by step how to activate an Azure for Students subscription.

Step 1 - Access the Azure for Students page.


Step 2 - Identify yourself.

You then need to sign in or sign up with a Microsoft account. For this step, you can use an institutional email or a personal email.

In case an institutional account has several purposes, you must select: Personal account and always use this means to access Azure.

Step 3 - Academic verification.

As a first point, we will need to verify our authenticity with a verification code that will be sent by text message. Then we must perform the academic verification, in this case with an email (.edu) as you can see below:


After this process you will be redirected to the Azure portal home page:

Azure for Students

With this, you are ready to start using Azure. To see the credit that remains available you can access the Microsoft Azure Sponsorships portal.

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