Creating EC2 In Amazon Web Services

The following article is about creation of the EC2 service in the Amazon Web Services. EC2 is abbreviated as Elastic Compute Cloud. For proceeding further, you need to have a subscription in Amazon Web Services. If you don’t have one, then try creating a free trial from the AWS site. Let us get in now.

Go to the site and go to the AWS Management Console at the top-right corner, as shown in the image. 

Sign into the portal using your credentials. If you are a new user, then you should create a new account. If you are an existing user, then login using the credentials.


After login, select the location Mumbai from the top-right corner in the AWS portal. This will let us create our EC2 or Virtual Machine Service in the Mumbai Datacentre. After selecting Mumbai, click on the EC2 option under the Compute service.


You will be taken into a pane where you can host your EC2 Service. There, you will be given an idea about all the available, running, and stopped instances. Here, instances are nothing but the Virtual Machines. Now, click on the launch instance to create your new EC2 service.


After clicking there, you will be shown with different AMI (Amazon Machine Images). You can create a Linux EC2 machine or even a Windows EC2 machine. Scroll down to get your required machine. Now, click on the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base and select.


Next you will be shown with the different types of EC2 services with their cost. Since we are working with a free trial account, we can try creating an instance from the t2 micro size which is actually a free one. Then click on the next button in the bottom.


Now you will see an instance configuration window. Here we don’t want to make any changes. Let them be default for now. We can see all these settings in the future articles. Again, click on next.


This time you will be seeing a storage windows. Again, click on the next button without making any changes in there.


Now we need to add a tag for our EC2 service. The tag is nothing but the name of the EC2 machine which we are going to create. Click on the add a tag name option and then give soma value in the value textbox.


The final setting is configuring the resource group. Choose the creation of new security resource group and then click on the review and launch button in the last.

Finally, you will be shown with the summary details of all the settings that you have configured for the EC2 service. Click on the launch button in the bottom to initiate the EC2 deployment. 


Now, we will be creating the key pair that will be consisting of the password to access the EC2 service. Choose "Ceate new key pair" and click on the "Download key pair" to get your key downloaded. Then, click on "Launch Instance".


Once after the instance gets completely deployed, we will be able to connect with the EC2 machine. You will be getting a specific ID for your machine. Click on the ID to go to the EC2 dashboard.


Wait for some time for your EC2 to get deployed. Once it goes into the running state, select it and click on the "Connect" button in the top. You will be shown a window with a button “get password”. Click on it and now, you will be asked to select the key pair file. Choose the file that we have downloaded previously and click on decrypt password. You will be now getting a password that can be used for getting into your EC2 machine.


Copy the password that you got and then click on the "Download Remote Desktop File" button. This will download you an RDP. Open it and click on "Connect". You will be asked to enter password. Paste your password and then hit OK. You will get connected with your EC2 machine.


Once you log in, you will be in a Virtual Environment where you can make use of the cloud service of Amazon where a Virtual Machine is deployed for you in the Mumbai Datacenter.


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