Data Insights: Analyzing Key Influencers with Power BI Visuals


The first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered visualization in Power BI is Key Influencers. With features like Natural Language (Q&A) and Quick Insights, Microsoft has long incorporated AI capabilities into Power BI. Developers of Key Influencers reports, on the other hand, now have explicit control over how they use AI to discover insights in their data.

The key influencers visual is a great choice if you want to:

  • Identify factors influencing the metric.
  • Compare factor importance.
  • Example: Do short-term contracts influence churn more than long-term contracts?

Steps to Create Key-Influencers Visual

Step 1. Launch Power BI.

Step 2. Load appropriate data.

Step 3. Select the Visuals Drop-down.

Create Key-Influencers Visual

Step 4. Click "Key Influencers" Visual.

Key Influencers Drop down

Step 5. You can see the key-influencer visual added to your desktop below.


Step 6. Now add the data to "Analyze" and "Explain by" as shown below. Move the metric you want to investigate into the Analyze field. Move fields that you think might influence Metric into the Explain by field.


Step 7. The analysis runs on the table level of the field that's being analyzed. You can see the Key-influencer visual generated.



In this article, we learned about the Key Influencers analysis and how to use this smart visual in the Power BI Desktop tool. We started with a sample dataset, identified an attribute for analysis, and then analyzed the attributes that may be the key influencers of the targeted attribute.

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