Deploy nopCommerce Application In Azure Using The App Services

What is nopCommerce?

nopCommerce is a .NET framework based open-source ecommerce platform that allows developers and website administrators to install and deploy e-commerce solution on their servers. It is fully customizable using Admin back-end with settings and reports. nopCommerce is developed using ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 5) in front-end with MS SQL 2008 (or higher) back-end database.

nopCommerce Features
  • Fully customizable open source platform
  • Product catalog
  • Mobile commerce
  • Multi-store using a single installaton
  • Multi-vendor
  • SEO
  • Checkout
  • Marketing
    Payment methods
  • Shipping features
  • Tax features
  • Customer service
  • Product features include -

    Custom product attributes, product comparison, stock management, price management, product download, product reviews and ratings, Rental products, Recurring Products, Product tags, RMA (return management), Supports multiple images per product, Featured products, sale products or new products, Disable buy buttons for specific products, Related product and cross-sells, "Email a friend" feature, Catalog mode (based on customer role), Bundle (e.g. Build your own computer) and grouped products, Conditional product attributes, Product specifications (e.g. processor, memory, graphic card), Security. ACL (access control list) on products, categories, and manufacturers, Products can require that other products are added to the cart (Product X requires Product Y), Real-time currency exchange rates (ECB), Configurable measure weights and dimensions, Import and export, Bulk editing, and more.

In this article, you will learn the following.

  • Creating a nopCommerce app in Azure.
  • Launch and manage your nopCommerce web app in Azure.


  •  Basic knowledge of handling Azure Management Dashboard.
  •  Basic knowledge in nopCommerce

Creating a WEB APP in Azure

Log into your Azure account.

First, we can start by creating a database.

Click SQL database. Select new icon (+) -> Databases- >SQL Database

Figure 1
Create a new database in your Server. In my case, I named it as MyStore as show in below figure .
Figure 2
Choose your pricing tire based on your need. The database setup is complete. Now, let's start with creating a nopCommerce application using the web app.
Select New icon (+) -> MarkerPlace-> Search for nopCommerce. Select the nopCommerce in the search list, as shown in below figure.
Figure 3 
Click on nop commerce to open to application create window

Figure 4
Give appropritate app name and complete the rest of the settings followed by a click on "Create".
We can check the app service status in the App Service dashboard. Once all the process is completed, you can notice that the status is updated to running.
Figure 5
Click on mybazzzar to get the overview of the application, as shown in below figure.
Figure 6
You can notice that the URL( is created for our application. Just click on it to open the application in browser. This will land into the installation page of the nopCommerce application.
Figure 7
Enter your database and SQL Server information  .
Once the installation process is over, we will get a home screen of nopCommerce application.
Figure 8
I hope you have enjoyed this article. Your valuable feedback, questions, or comments about this article are always welcomed.