Deploying An Azure Virtual Machine (VM)


The Azure virtual machine is one of the wide range of services that azure offers to create your virtual instance.

Each virtual machine provides its virtual hardware including CPUs, Memory, Hard Drives, Network interface, and other devices.

A Virtual Machine offers the flexibility of virtualization without buying and maintaining the physical hardware that runs it.

In this article, I have done the complete VM creation in azure. 

Creating Virtual Machine(VM) in Azure

Step 1

Sign in to your Azure Portal

Step 2

Click to Create a resource

Step 3

In this is able to see the VMs, then you can choose VMs as per your requirements. In my case, I have chosen Windows Server 2019 Datacenter.

Step 4

I have mentioned which key changes are to be changed in the below screenshot. Please make sure the details are as per your scenario.

Step 5

IMPORTANT: Please make sure of your VM Size, if you select the wrong size then it will affect your billing.

And in the meantime doesn't forget what entered as your Username and Password.

Step 6

Please make sure the Inbound Ports Should be ticked RDP (3389) if it's unticked youwill not be able to access the VM. Other (HTTP, HTTPS, SSH) are optional. Click Next: Disk

Step 7

Select the OS disk type as per your requirement. In my case, I have chosen Premium SSD and Next: Networking

Step 8

Select the correct Virtual Network (VNet) + Subnet. And the meantime Public IP address will be generated automatically. Click to Next: Management

Step 9

Leave it as default and Scroll down

Step 10

Auto Shutdown is by default scheduled. If you want you can keep it as the default. In my case I'm going to disable the auto-shutdown option and Click Review + create

Step 11

Once Validation Passed you can check the VM Summary also then click to Create it.

Step 12

Successfully created my VM.

Step 12

I'm going to download the RDP file

Step 13

Once you download your RDP file just open and it will ask for the credentials. I have mentioned my Username and Password

Step 13

I have logged into VM successfully


This article taught us how to deploy a Virtual Machine (VM) in our azure portal. And if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


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