Does Google Give the Best Solution to an Enterprise Problem?

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In this fast-growing software development world, many software developers and IT professionals rely on Google search (mostly stackoverflow) to help find a solution to a problem. That's normal. People go where they can to find answers and help. But I sometimes wonder how we can deliver a high-quality scalable enterprise application just by Googling and copying some code? It is okay to build POCs based on Googled solutions, but for real applications, we must implement the best practices and the best guidelines.
Is there any way to get the best solutions for all problems from a Google search? My answer is NO.
We require detailed study, conceptual analysis, and experience. Luckily, we have Pluralsight, Udemy, edX, Coursera, and many other reliable sources. Again, one more question… Do all the team members need to be experts to build and deliver a complete solution? I don’t know the answer since to become an expert, they need lots of time and extra effort after work to practice. We have to sacrifice so many things for that. I am using Pluralsight daily (thanks to my current company) at night to learn new technologies and also learn the best practices.
Does it mean, I am a master in many technologies? Surely not. I am not a master in any of the technologies because technology is growing day by day.
What we can do is “COLLABORATIVELY WORK TOGETHER, SHARE KNOWLEDGE, AND LEARN KNOWLEDGE”. It will reduce the workload and will help achieve a happy life. (I am confidently telling this according to my own experience with 19 years as I started career in June 2001). In my philosophy, nobody is superior to us and nobody is inferior to us. I never hesitate to ask my doubts to juniors and seniors. We only need a good solution. I have already written 87+ articles on C# Corner in various cutting-edge technologies, now planning to write some non-technical articles mostly for motivational purposes. That doesn’t mean I am a highly successful software person. If you check my career graph, you can see lots of ups and downs in my career. Failures made me a stronger, humble and more god-believing human being. I just want to share my practical knowledge, challenges I faced, and many more things. Writing technical articles is not very difficult for me, but non-technical articles really a challenge. I am expecting your valuable feedback, as usual.

If somebody is ready to fund, I am ready to put my efforts to create an interactive website for a best practices site. Expert people can update their own knowledge in their expertise area, and others can benefit from it. Let everybody lives a fruitful life with others' help. What's the benefit if only Google/Microsoft/Amazon/Facebook and other big company owners and staff grow richer and richer. We can bring real socialism, at least in the software industry first.

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