Enabling Licenses for Power Platform Environment (Preview)

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft has introduced a new preview feature for the admins to provide an overview to see how different licenses are consumed and if there are environments that might require licensing attention.

You can get answers to questions like.

  • What types of licenses are being used to launch apps?
  • How many users are actively consuming Power Apps licenses in a specific environment?
  • Who are the users who are actively consuming Power Apps licenses?
  • Are there users in my environment who need standalone Power Apps licenses?

This article will explain the process of enabling the licenses (preview) feature for an Environment in the Power Platform Admin Center.

Note. As this is a preview feature, you cannot use this for any Production environment. Check the below article for more details.


Click on the below link and Enable Managed Environment

How to Enable Managed Environments for a Dataverse Environment?

Follow the below steps after the Prerequisite.

Step 1. Click on the required Environment in the Power Platform Admin Center.


Step 2. Click, and Click on Edit Managed Environments.

Edit Managed Environments

Edit Managed Environments Popup will be shown.

Edit Managed Environments Popup

Step 3. Click on View licensing details.

 View licensing details

Step 4. Click on Enable license reporting.

Enable license reporting

You might see the below message, as this is a preview feature. Microsoft will let us know in an email when this will be available to use this feature.

preview feature

Once it is enabled, go to the Next Step.

Step 5. Click on the required Environment, Click on, and Click on Edit Managed Environments.

Edit Managed Environments

Step 6. Click on View licensing details.

View Licensing details

You can see the Licenses of your environment and the recommended actions.

 recommended actions.

Step 7. Click on any one of the records on the License type link.

License type link

You will see the Email, License, and Last active date details here.

 Last active date details

Step 8. Click on the Overview to see the Dashboard of the Environments requiring attention.

Environments requiring attention

Click here to learn more about the Licenses (Preview) feature.

Hope you have followed all the steps and enabled the Licenses feature on your required environment.

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