Essential Features Of TablePlus - The Best GUI Tool To Manage Relational Databases

TablePlus helps you to be more efficient while working with multiple relational databases. You can connect to the server, create a new database, manipulate and save your data at a lightning speed, high-end security guaranteed.

For now, TablePlus is available for macOS only, the windows version is going to be out soon.

Download the app:  TablePlus website

Basic features

Connect to the server

You can use TablePlus to create a connection to multiple databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, MariaDB, CockroachDB, Vertica, and even Redis.

You need to prepare host, port, username, and password to connect. For SQLite, you can double click on the database file (normally it has .db, .sqlite, or .sqlite3 file extension) to open with TablePlus.
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You can also import URL, just copy and paste, it saves tons of time for you.

Open anything

Hit cmd + P and type the keyword, TablePlus will look up from your database and open table, views, function, or snap, it's very convenient.

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Edit Data

TablePlus has a spreadsheet-like interface for you to browse and edit data inline in the most intuitive way.

Remember to hit cmd + S to commit the change to the server after editing.

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SQL editor

To open the SQL editor, hit cmd + E.

You can write multiple queries and choose to run them simultaneously or only the query at the cursor. If you choose run all, the results can be split and displayed in multiples tabs.
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Create new tables

Instead of running queries, you can create a new table from the GUI tool. Open the database and click on new table, just as easily as you create a new folder in the macOS Finder.

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Data Filter

Use this feature to quickly filter out the records you want to see. You can apply multiple filters at once, each filter contains three parts:

  • a dropdown list of the column names
  • common conditions such as equal, contain, IS NULL,…
  • one text box to fill the value.
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Export/Import Data

You can import a table from a CSV file and export a table from your database to a CSV, JSON or SQL file.

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Databases & DBA