FileDownloader : Download files using HTTP

Tools Used                 Visual C# .NET
Namespace                System.NET, Threading  and IO namespace  

This sample demonstrate this feature of NET using c#. 

This application contains a Form and a Class module . From Form we create a thread which execute the procedure to handle the NET download. This application can be enhance to do more down load as in Download manager by creating more threads. 


Attached is a Project  which contains a project which can be used to download file from Web. this project don't uses FTP, but can be enhanced very easily. 

The HTTP protocol accounts for a large share of all traffic on the Internet; and the .NET frameworks provide robust support for the HTTP protocol with the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes. These classes are the WebRequest and WebResponse derived classes returned whenever a URI beginning with "http" or "https" is presented to the Create method on the WebRequestFactory. In most cases, the WebRequest and WebResponse classes will provide all that is necessary to make the request, but when access to HTTP-specific features is required, the request or response can be typecast to HttpWebRequest or HttpWebResponse.

The HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes encapsulate a standard HTTP request and response transaction, and provide access to common HTTP headers through properties. These classes also support most of the HTTP 1.1 protocol features, including pipelining, chunking, authentication, pre-authentication, encryption, proxy support, server certificate validation, connection management, and HTTP extensions. Custom headers and headers not provided through properties can be accessed by storing them in the Headers property.

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