Forum Alert Service Version 1.0


This is an Alert service which can be deployed in any discussion forum. Whenever a thread is posted in the forum, an alert message will be shown to the user. The user need not be logged in the discussion forum. By clicking the alert message the system will load the particular thread which has been recently posted.

The alert is a configurable. The user can either disable / enable the Alert Service.


The Alert is implemented as a Window Service. It will check for new threads posted in the Forum and alert the User by a popup message whenever a new thread is posted.

Components of the Alert Service

1. Windows Service

The Service will call the SysTray App. to alert the user whenever a new thread is posted.

Normally to make Windows Service interacts with the desktop, the option "Allow service to interact with desktop" under logon tab has to be selected.

In this Forum Service the selection of this option is handled automatically while installing the Service.

2. SysTray

This Application is used to display the alert message. It can be used to enable / disable the Alert Service option.

3. Configuration Settings

Follow the Steps given below:

1. Database Path:
Specify the connection string for the Database.

2. URL:
Specify the URL of the Forum.

3. Username:
Specify the username if the Service has to run User specific.

4. SysTray:
Specify the Location where you have installed the SysTray App.

Process flow

The Process flow of Alert Service is given below:

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