FTP Client Utility

This is an FTP Client Utility to transfer Files and directories between hosts. It provides the casic FTP features and also some advanced features like uploading directories with the subdirectories and deleting directories with the subdirectories. 

This code comprises of a class and an user interface extending the class.

This code can be utilized in two ways

  1. By extending the class cmpFTPDoComponent and using its methods and properties.
  2. By directly using the User Interface which in turn has extended the class.
    This GUI application is mainly intended for windows systems as parsing of LIST command is not taken care and it results in different format in different OS.

Two types of file transfer like Ascii and Binary has been taken care. The class has most of all the basic FTP commands implemented in it. The main feature in it is uploading and downloading the directories along with the subdirectories.

The User Interface looks something like this