FTP Server in C#

The attached source project is a simple FTP server implementation. This version is very early release of FTP Server. The source code is written in C#. To run the attached project, download the zip file, unzip the file, and open project in Visual Studio .NET.

What can you do?

  • All basic FTP 
  • Support NTFS security for file and directory access

What it can't do?

  • At moment must use windows users, doesn't support standalone users
  • Virtual folders (many ftp servers won't support it) 
  •  .... This is place where you can increase this list.

Works with NT based windows (needs NTFS).

I'll hope that you test, give suggestions and help to it from simple server to average server.

This two day implementation only I never believed to implement it with 2 days, don't get mad if some things isn't as expected, just contact and discuss [email protected]

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