Generating Certificate and Private Key Files

Local Certificate creation

To create a local certificate, open the Visual Studio 2017 Developer Command Prompt and select the desired folder. Copy and paste the command that creates the certificate from below.

makecert -sv DemoKey.pvk -n "cn=Demo_Integration" Demo_Integration.cer -b 08/23/2023 -e 08/23/2024 -r

Enter the password for the certificate when prompted by the enter button, then click OK.

Local Certificate creation

After you confirm the password, .pvk and.cer files are used to create the certificate.


Visual Studio

From the PVK file, a private key must now be generated.

To convert the PVK to PFX file, enter the command below.

pvk2pfx -pvk DemoKey.pvk -spc Demo_Integration.cer -pfx Demo_Integration.pfx -po Test@123

Change Test@123 in the command above with your password. 

After you enter the password when prompted, a PFX file is generated and stored in your certificate folder.

Double-clicking on the will allow you to locally install the Certificate. 

Private key Password


 We currently possess both a certificate and a private key.

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