Get access to free Azure subscribtion from company email


In this article, I provide instructions on how to enable a free personal  Enterprise or Professional Azure subscription. Once you join a company that uses Azure, you can use the free subscription to create and run your own POCs for work and personal use.

This is very helpful because developers usually can't freely create and update Azure resources.


  1. Check if personal subscriptions were not deactivated by the security team.
  2. Get access to view Azure under a corporate account.
  3. Search for subscriptions in the portal view.
    Azure Subscription
  4. Click add
    Azure Subscribtion
  5. Click all offers, then check availability for Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription (or professional)
    Azure Subscribtion
  6. After activation, it should redirect you to your new subscription page, do not forget to rename it for easier access later because there will be tons of unnamed subscriptions from your colleagues.
    Azure Subscribtion

Now you can create and play with resources without restrictions to make POCs and demos for your team.

Note. Try always selecting a free tier for not to burn your credit immediately.