Getting Started With Microsoft AI School

Introduction To Microsoft AI School

The Microsoft AI School is Microsoft's AI (Artificial Intelligence) learning platform that features some of the greatest and latest content for data scientists and developers to get started and dive deep into the Microsoft AI platform and deep learning. It serves as a map for developers containing a broad range of services and tools along with all the documentation, tutorials, and code samples, enabling developers to get upskilled and get onboarded onto AI and Deep Learning. Microsoft AI School offers you a diverse range of in-depth guided learning paths that you can cover at your own pace, and you can choose to start at any skill level. 

The AI learning paths can be broadly classified into the following categories:

  • Conversational AI
  • AI Services
  • Knowledge Mining
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Responsible AI

Conversational AI

Microsoft AI School

Simply put, conversational AI is the capability of a software agent (bots) to offer human-like interactions between the machine and human beings. It requires huge volumes of data, natural language processing, and machine learning to imitate human interactions.

Microsoft AI School offers you a curated list of courses and other resources to learn and create interactive conversational bots. Here's a list of amazing courses on MS AI School that educate you on conversational AI:

AI Services

Microsoft AI School

The learning paths under this category allow you to learn the essential concepts of Machine Learning and Cognitive Services to implement AI within your solutions. 

  • ML (Machine Learning) is often the foundation of an AI system as it is the technique that teaches a computer model to make predictions and derive outputs from data. Microsoft AI school features ML courses and resources that not only help you to learn the most basic classical machine learning models but also allow you to dive into complex data analysis architectures. 

Follow this learning path on Microsoft AI School to learn the nuts and bolts of Machine Learning: "Create machine learning models"

Knowledge Mining

Microsoft AI School

Knowledge Mining is a rapidly emerging discipline in Artificial Intelligence that incorporates intelligent services to quickly learn from vast amounts of information. It allows business organizations to effectively understand and explore data and find relationships and patterns at scale. Thus, by orchestrating various AI capabilities, Knowledge Mining provides an enhanced experience to organizations to efficiently pull valuable data from unstructured information. For example, an organization can analyze the online comments or call center recordings to determine the customers' sentiment with the help of Knowledge Mining techniques.

Here's a peek at some of the top-notch resources on Microsoft Office AI School that enables you to learn Knowledge Mining:

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems take basic automation to the next level. In simple words, autonomous systems allow a machine to learn, reason, act and respond to unforeseen changes in the environment with minimal to no human involvement. Self-driving cars are autonomous systems that gather information from their surroundings with the help of sensors, analyze the information, and then execute an action. 

Microsoft AI School has a pool of resources, including courses and documents to enlighten you on the emerging autonomous system technologies. For example:

Responsible AI

The major aim of AI is to develop systems that can operate independently with minimal human intervention. But what if something goes wrong and the system behaves erroneously! Who is accountable in this case? For example, a data breach or even the lack of accurate data might lead to unfair decisions made by the machine. This is where Responsible AI comes into the picture. It is a governance framework that addresses the challenges around AI from an ethical and legal point of view. Responsible AI lays down the framework that ensures the responsible development, use, and governance of the AI systems within an organization. It aims to create AI systems that are secure, safe, and interpretable.

You can explore and discover Microsoft's Responsible AI solutions using the following resources on the MS AI School platform:


Whether you are a newbie to AI or looking to enhance your skills, Microsoft AI School serves as a road map for your learning goals. It offers learning opportunities in machine learning, AI services, conversational AI and intelligent edge AI. 

Feel free to explore the Microsoft AI School at the following link:

As usual friends, get coding and get learning!

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