Hey Cortana!! Let’s Understand you Completely

Welcome Cortana!!! A Sweet Female Voice Search Assistant, Cortana is a crucial part of the Halo series. It is actually an artificial intelligence guide who is the right hand to the series Hero Master Chief. But, now, it is a dexterous new personal assistant.

Source: Microsoft
Let’s introduce our Cortana!

Powered by Bing, Cortana is your digital assistant onthe Windows Phone 8.1. Yet, she is also arriving at more locations around the world. It essentially replaces the search function on a Windows smartphone. With multifarious peculiarities, Cortana is killing the hearts of Windows phone users, like,

  1. A supporter with your voice to make a call
  2. Send a text message
  3. Web surfing
  4. Reminder feature is also there
  5. You can check your location
  6. Get up-to-date traffic and weather info.
  7. Its NOTEBOOK:

    • Stores your interests
    • Stores places you frequent
    • Manages your Calendar
    • Relationships with friends, family and colleagues and shhhhh…your “Quiet Hours”.

  8. Track packages

Who is Cortana?

Cortana is actually the voice actress Jen Taylor, who voiced the character in the video game. As a matter of fact, the fans of the Halo video game franchise will recognize the voice of Windows Phone 8.1’s new Cortana voice assistant.
Yeah, it is treated as the rival of Apple’s Siri. Siri is also an intelligent personal assistant who accomplishes things just by talking the way you talk.

It’s time to go in depth…

The more you use the search function, the more Cortana learns about you. The embedded new feature adds functionality to Windows Phones that Apple and Google’s Android customers have come to know through Siri (Apple) and Google Now (Android).

Wait!!! Cortana is only available in certain countries/regions and some of its attributes might not be available everywhere. If Cortana isn’t available or is turned off or you don’t want to use it, then you can still use the Speech functionality on your Windows phone.

The quick translation feature is one more of Cortana’s capabilities that has its own essence in its own way.

Worry not!!! Check if Cortana is on or not…

You may have turned Cortana on when you set up your phone. If you did, you’ll see her when you press the Search button. After pressing the Search button, if you see the Bing image of the day, then it means that Cortana isn’t on. So, turn on Cortana to utilize its special and innovative features. Just swipe over into the App list and tap Cortana to get started.

After turning on the Cortana, Microsoft locates, accumulates and uses your location, contacts, voice input, info from email and text messages, browser history, search history, calendar details and other info.

Hey Cortana!!!

Just say “Hey Cortana” and get the updated version of the Cortana on your Windows 8.1 Phone. For Lumia phone users, depending on your phone model, activate the Cortana update by saying “Hey Cortana”, no button presses necessary. First and foremost, check whether your phone supports “Hey Cortana” and then proceed further to check out the Microsoft Mobile Devices website to scrutinize if the Denim update is available for your phone or not.

If you have a Lumia phone that supports “Hey Cortana” and you have installed the Denim update, go to Settings>Hey Cortana to set up “Hey Cortana”. Wow!!! Seems interesting!!!

CORTANA ALPHA  A new version accessible only in France, Italy, Germany and Spain at present. So, if you are an inhabitant of these countries, then you can easily get all the requisite instructions and directives on Cortana Alpha.

Once more, the details about Cortana

  • You must have played the Halo game series. She used to be so sexy and smart and always tried to save the world.
  • She is a sort of silicon secretary who can help make your life easier and smoother.
  • For every query like the weather forecast, when Jim’s birthday is, how many pounds are in a kilo, etc., Cortana has the answer.
  • She can be voice activated or you can type your commands and she will respond in the same way you if ask her a question-quietly if you type and verbally if you talk.
  • You‘ll get Cortana as your good friend. She not only just listens to you, but also understands you well and is aware of every single aspect of yours from your location to your personal preferences.
  • Cortana will be accessible to third party developers, unlike Siri, who is restrained to Apple’s own apps and a few Apple-anointed services. Yes, the third party support can be significant.
  • Cortana heartily respects your default browsers, even it’s Chrome or Firefox. But, don’t expect the same for the search engine. She respects only Bing.


When the Cortana apps launch for the other mobile platforms (Android and iPhone), you‘ll be able to use Cortana on non-Windows smartphones too. Get your Friend on your Windows Phone.