Hosting A Website Using cPanel


One of the most common platforms to host a website is cPanel. It was developed by cPanel LLC, with a good graphic interface that can help new developers host a website. The process of hosting a website in cPanel needs a domain and cPanel based hosting server. The process of linking the domain with the server is different from service provider to provider. My server is from GoDaddy, in GoDaddy if your domain and server are from the same account it means the domain will be linked to the server automatically. If it is from a different account, you need to enter the server IP address into the domain’s DNS. In this article, we will discuss hosting a website using cPanel.

About cPanel

cPanel is a web hosting control panel software developed by cPanel LLC for the purpose of hosting websites. You don't need any specific software to access the cPanel. You can simply access the cPanel using your web browser. The main motive of cPanel is to provide a good graphical interface, which helps even an end-user to access and host the website. It also has command line and API-based access that allows the third-party vendors, hosting organizations, and developers to automate standard system administration processes.

About WHM

WHM (WebHost Manager) is a web-based tool that is used for server administration. WHM can be used for managing FTP, Mail (POP, IMAP, and SMTP), and SSH services on the server. As well as being accessible by the root administrator, WHM is also accessible to users with reseller privileges. Reseller users of cPanel have a smaller set of features than the root user. That will be limited by the server administrator. The server administrator can perform maintenance operations such as upgrading and recompiling Apache and PHP, installing Perl modules, and upgrading RPMs installed on the system.

Hosting a Web site

For hosting a website you need to login into your server's cPanel system. The simplest way to login to your server's cPanel is www.yourdomain/cpanel or you can login from your service providers page. 

Hosting A Website Using Cpanel

Then you need to enter your user name and password,

Hosting A Website Using Cpanel

After logging in you will be redirected to the homepage of your server's control panel. In the control panel, you need to click on the File Manager option.

Hosting A Website Using Cpanel

At this point, it will display different details regarding hosting, choose public_html from that list.

Hosting A Website Using Cpanel

If there is only one domain linked with your account it means you can directly upload the file which needs to be hosted. If there is more than one domain linked you need to choose the domain folder and then upload the files.

Hosting A Website Using Cpanel

You need to upload the file with the name of the index with any file extension.

Hosting A Website Using Cpanel

Then you can load the site and your site will be published.

Hosting A Website Using Cpanel

This process is very simple as you are working on the localhost server. Here you can also use the database service using the MyPHPAdmin option to create, modify and delete a database. This also contains a number of stats providers which will help you to analyze the statistics about the number of visits, files accessed, and other data.


I hope this article will help you to learn about cPanel hosting and its features. In the next article, I will upload the articles regarding the database operations in the cPanel and the working of My PHP Admin. Thank You!.

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