How Configure User’s Profile in Server 2019


In this article, I’m going to show you how to configure a user’s profile in Windows Server 2019 in the proper and easiest method.

Before that we need to know what is the benefit of user configuration in Windows Server 2019: Users provide the basis by which access control and privilege are enforced for file system activity and processes, Escalation of privilege is a common goal for attackers and malicious users and effective host integrity monitoring on any platform includes monitoring changes to user and group configurations.

First, we need to create users I already wrote an article regarding How to Create OU and Users Create in Server ( please visit my article.

Step 1. On your server dashboard click “tools” after selecting “active directory users and computers”.


Step 2. Double-click on your selected “users”.

IT Admin

Step 3. Click “account”.


Step 4. If you want to config user’s “logon hours” click “logon hours” – (Benefit of logon hours: you can restrict that account in hours based)

Logon hours

Step 4.1. In this step, you can customize the user’s login hours, after clicking “ok”.

Customize login hours

Step 5. If you want to config the user’s “log on to” click “log on to” – (The benefit of log on to you can restrict that account and which computer going to log in).


Step 5.1. Here you can customize the computer you want by clicking “The Following Computers” after clicking “ok”.

Login Workstation

Step 6. If you want the “account expires” option, click “end of” Now you can set the date and time – (The benefit of “account expires” you can customize the user profile’s usage period).

Account expires

Step 7. By clicking “unlock account” you can lock and unlock your user from the server site, and also you can control the user by clicking “account option” after clicking “ok”.

Unlock account


In this article, we all clearly understand how to configure a user’s profile in Windows Server 2019 in the proper and easiest method. If there is clarification regarding this topic, feel free to contact me.

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