How To Achieve Success


In this article, you will get to know something which I have learned during my journey over the years, and also by reading self-help books by Dale Carnegie.


The definition of success is different for all and is dependent on the situation.

  1. For a student, success is to achieve good marks.
  2. For a parent, success is to be able to give a good upbringing to the children.
  3. For a partially or completely blind person, success is to be able to see the world.
  4. For a programmer, success is to compile and deploy the code without any issues.


Many times people compare success with happiness. This is not correct, as a successful person may not always be happy. Happiness comes when

  1. A person enjoys what he is doing.
  2. He releases that he is able to make a change.
  3. He sees growth opportunities.
  4. His views are respected, even if they are not implemented.
  5. One reaches his set goals; they may be life goals, work goals, or self-goals.


To achieve is to reach a state of mind when a person feels he/she is happy with what he/she has done, or when one reaches his/her goals or completed the steps needed to become successful.

Here goals can be life goals, work goals, or self-goals. 

The best way to achieve anything is to be consistent, and stubborn towards your goals.

How to achieve success

1. Never do what everyone is doing.

The most common thing that everyone is doing is thinking about the problem rather than seeing the solution. One should give more importance to the solution, instead of thinking about just the problem. The other day I was listening to Steve Jobs, he was telling about how he founded Pixar. He was thrown out of Apple at a time when he was at his career peak. All of a sudden his life took a circle; he has lost everything, all the efforts, all the pain, all his hard work seemed to go in vain. But instead of worrying about what he does not have, he started to look for new opportunities, and eventually, he founded Pixar's which went on to become one of the biggest companies in history.

So whenever you find yourself in a dilemma or problem, try to look for ways to deal with it.

2. Do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Do the right thing even when no one is looking, not because this is what is right, not because you will be punished or rewarded. Do the right thing, because by doing this you are no longer influenced by what others think. You no longer need someone else's approval on whether or not you did the right thing. There is a famous quote here in India, which can be translated as, "What will people say is the biggest disease", so after doing this you will never be diagnosed with this disease.

3. When nothing seems going your way, let life take control.

When nothing seems to be going your way, let life take control. This is something I've tested myself. I intended to be a python developer after finishing my post-graduation; however, I didn't obtain the job. Then I let life happen. After a while, I joined C# Corner, and there is no looking back from that day. I have spoken at various conferences, both national and international. I am a regular speaker at TED Circles. I have taught 150+ students on various technologies, and cherry on the cake, I work with two python developers, as a team leader.

4. It's okay to take a day off.

It is OK to take a day off. I realize that there is a lot of competition, and everyone wants to be the best, to be a part of FAANG, to make hundreds and lakhs of rupees, to leave a luxury lifestyle, to name a few. One thing I've seen, and I'm sure many of you have as well, is that when people achieve their objectives, they don't get to appreciate them because they lose their mental and physical health in the process. Even computers need rest; there are times when I had to restart my PC, to make it work. So give your body some time to recover.

5. Act without fear or concern about the outcome.

Take action without fear or concern for the outcome. You cannot influence the outcome of your karma since you have no control over it. There is an incident in Bhagvat Gita when Arjun asks, 'if one should stop thinking about results, so should a farmer stop sowing seeds?". To this Shri Krishana replied, "There is no guarantee that the seed you sowed would give you result, as you don't know when a flood, a landslide, or any other calamity can destroy your hard work". So just go for it.

In the year 2019, I attended an event where I received a slogan, #NoRegrets, which I always follow. I would encourage you to do the same since it will help you overcome your worry and concern over the outcome.

6. Getting success on the first try is tough.

Getting success on the first try is tough since you don't know what may go wrong and how to cope with it. If you stay tough and continue to battle against all obstacles, you may fail, but the experience you learn will save you from failing again. Taking the example of KFC founder, Mr. Colonel Sanders, his ideas were rejected 1009 times. Similar things happened with Thomas Alva Edison; he tried 1000 different ways to make a light bulb, in his 1001st attempt he made the light bulb. None of them gave up, and eventually, they succeeded.


Success is never achieved in one day. Success requires consistent efforts, dedication, and smart work.

Hope you will try to apply these 6 points in your life, and achieve success.

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