How To Add Image To UWP Application And Change App Icon


In this article, we are going to see how to add an image to a UWP application and change the app icon. An app icon is the visible outer look of an app. Mostly, the app icons are simple and attractive. Applications can be categorized into two different types, namely static and dynamic. The static app will have only one page or will have a long scroll down. Say, in the dynamic app, we will be using page navigation by button click function.


  • Computer (minimum 4 GB RAM)
  • Visual studio 2017 (or any latest version)

Steps to follow:

Step 1

Open Visual Studio 2017.


Step 2

Open file in Visual Studio and go to New Project.


Step 3

You can see the list of applications which can be developed using Visual Studio. In that go to C# and click Blank App. Fill in the APP name and click ok.



Step 4

In the solution explorer click on to the mainpage.xaml to go to the designer page. Go to tool box and drag and drop the image into the designer page.


Step 5

In the solution explorer go to assets and right click. Then click add -> existing item.


Step 6

Browse the required file.


Step 7

To change App icon go to MainPage.appxmanifest in the solution explorer.


Step 8

Go to visual assets and click on source.


Step 9

Select assets and select the app icon option.



Step 10

The app icon size and resolution will automatically change as per the device requirement.


Step 11

Run the application in the local machine of your system.


Step 12

Thus the app icon is found in the task bar when we deploy the application.





In this article we learned how to add an image to an application and also learned how to add a logo to the application. Later we will see an article related to page navigation.

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