How To Change Login Screen Background In Windows 10


This is a very cool idea to change your Windows login background. Microsoft Windows is fully customizable and we can change its look according to our taste.
Let’s start changing the Windows login screen background. Here are the steps -
Step 1
Open Start menu and click on the Setting icon, as shown below-
Step 2
Setting the options menu opens. Click or select the Personalization icon.
Step 3
Now, select or click on the lock screen
Step 4
In this step, we have three options, which are listed like Windows Spotlight, slideshow, and picture. We can select one of them here and we can select the picture.
Step 5
In this step, we can select a photo to set on the login screen. There are two options- we can select a photo from Window library and also upload own photo.
Finally, the login screen background changes. You can see in the screenshot, as shown below-


In this article, we learned about how to change login screen background in Windows 10.