How To Change Windows 10 Lock Screen Timings


In Windows 10, we have a default lock screen showing alike screen saver when turning off the display. It is a good feature for securing your PC when you are away for a long time. The only problem is the timing of the lockout. The default time is set to be, generally, 5 minutes which is quite a long time for someone else to access your files and documents. But, it is possible to increase/decrease the time of turning off the display for the lock screen. 
Step 1
First, right-click on the desktop. Then, click on the Personalize.
Step 2
When you select it, the Personalization settings get opened. Select the Lock screen.
Step 3
Click on the screen timeout settings.
Step 4
A new window will open. Change the default settings to your desired ones.

Alternate Method

Step 1
Right-click on the Window button at the bottom-left corner of your desktop and select Control Panel.
Step 2
On the next window, select the Power Options.
Step 3
Now, click on Change plan settings.
Step 4
In the drop-down,  select the desired value and click on Save Changes.


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