How To Create A Java Web App In Azure MarketPlace


In this article, I will explain how to use a Java template in Azure. This article is similar to creating API apps. The Azure portal is like a Web interface, so that we can use them to manage Azure resources.


An active subscription to Azure.

List of Java app options

There are many ways that we can set up Java app in app Service Web app

  • Type 1 - Using a template from Azure marketplace.
  • Type 2 - Create an app & configure Applications.
  • Type 3 - Creating an app and copying, editing configuration of files.

In this article, I will explain how to use Azure marketplace for creating Azure Java Web app & how it can be used to create Java based API apps.

Step 1

Login to your Azure portal.

Step 2

Select new-> select Web+ mobile.


Step 3

In the search box, type Java app Server Jetty, (you can select Apache Tomcat or Jetty Java Application Server) and enter to learn more about Jetty, you can visit the link.


Step 4

Now, select the desired Java Application Server (since I have selected Jetty) and select create.

Step 5

In Jetty blade click create.

Step 6

In Jetty blade Java app Server, you have to enter the name for the Web app box, you have to select a name, which is unique from any other. A red exclamation mark will appear, if the name isn’t unique.

Step 7

You can select the resource group as existing or you can create a new one.

Step 8

Select the location point and the app Service plan with free or paid, pin selection  to dashboard and click create.

Step 9

Click Webapps and select your new Web app.


Step 10

You can see your new Web app is running and to view the running page, click the URL in the Web app Service.

Step 11

You will see the page directed from the URL of the Web app and it will display the Web page, as shown, once you click the URL.


Step 12

Hence we have created a Web app with the Web app container.


I hope this article helpsyou  to create and use Java template in Azure marketplace. Thank you.