How To Create A Mobile App In Microsoft Azure

Mobile Apps in Microsoft Azure offer many available mobile application development platforms. 

Build native and cross platform apps:

We can create native iOS, Android, and Windows apps or cross-platform Xamarin or Cordova (PhoneGap) apps, you can also consider many advantages of App Service using native SDKs.

Connect to enterprise systemsMobile Apps you can connect to your enterprise cloud resources.

Push Notifications to billions in seconds

Mobile App Features:

The following features are important to cloud-enabled mobile development:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Integrate the SDK
  • Data Access
  • Offline synchronization
  • Push Notifications

For creating an Android App you must have to login into the Azure Portal

Click on to New, Web + Mobile, then Mobile App,


In the name box, give the app name whatever you want to create, and subscription would be default.

In the Resource Group, I have a resource group named NitinPandit, you can also create your by clicking on new resource group.

Now click on “Create” button.


After clicking on the button, your app will be created, click on app and go into the settings.


In the settings, click on to “Quick start” which is our client app platform,


Now in the following screenshot, click on to any platform which one you want to create an application.

Here, I’m going to select “Android” because I’m creating an Android app.


Here is the first step that connect to database, so click on to create or select the existing database which you have.


There are no data connections, Click on to “Add” button to add a database.


Choose SQL Database, and then click on to required settings.

You will find a new database window, if you don’t have any existing database click on to create a new database.


For creating database I also need of a server, so in the left side of the window give the name to your database and then click on to server for creating a new server. Whenever you click on it, the new server window will be open.

For creating a server give a unique name to your server, login name, and password with confirm password.

After filling all the necessary details, click on to “OK” button. So now our database and server is ready for use.


Click on to Connection string, type the login and password values for your database, then click OK twice.


After that our first step of creating the database would be ready, now go for the second step.

Under create a table API, select your Backend language, either C# or Node.js:

  • Node.js backend (via portal): 

    Click on to c
    reate TodoItem table and this creates a new TodoItem table in your database.

  • NET backend (C#):

    Download, extract the compressed project files to your local computer, open the solution in Visual Studio, build the project to restore the NuGet packages, then deploy the project to Azure. You Mobile App backend is now ready to use with your client app.


I’m going to select C#, and click on to “Download” button.


A file will be downloaded, extract the file and open it.


You’ll get the solution of your Android mobile app with “.sln”, so you can directly use this into your Visual Studio to customize that.


Now just right click on “.sln” file and click Open with...


From here just select any IDE by which you want to edit this.


This is your solution now.


We have a test API controller already created. Open it and change it as you want to get data.


Press the Run 'app' button to build the project and start the app in the Android simulator,controller

 If you want to use Node.js , then select Node.js backend.


Your TodoItem table is ready. To check it just go to “Easy tables”.

Easy Tables

Click on to “TodoItem” to check your table.


Now if you want to add new tables, then make them.

I hope you enjoyed this article stay tuned with me for more Azure and other Microsoft technologies.


Connect (“Nitin Pandit”);

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