How To Create Calendar Overlays Using Multiple Calendar Apps (OOTB)


In this article we will see how to create calendar overlays in SharePoint 2013 using Multiple Calendars. Here I have explored how to achieve this using Out of the Box functionality.


Working with the SharePoint calendars, we can always keep track of the events in an efficient way. So out of all the possible things which can be done with the SharePoint calendars we will look into how the term calendar overlay takes effect with the look and feel of the calendar.

We will implement the calendar overlay functionality using Multiple Calendar Apps


In this section we will go through a step by step implementation of the same

Step 1

Go to Site Contents > Add an App > Click Calendar

SharePoint   >  SharePoint    >   SharePoint

This will add the calendar app to the site.

Adding the events in the SharePoint calendar is quiet easy, you just have to select the date and click +Add on the given date.


Step 2

For demonstration  purposes, I have created three calendars on the site which are as follows:

  1. Created Test Calendar A and added a whole day event to it.


    Read Books is a whole day event from 1st Feb to 15th Feb

  1. Created Test Calendar B and added a whole day event to it.


    Weekend Chill is a whole day event which occurs on Saturdays and Sundays

  1. Created Test Calendar C and added an event which occurs on week days.


    Work and Consultancy is an event which occurs on week days from 10 AM to 6 PM, starting on  Feb 1 until Feb 15.


Step 3

Once we have created all the required calendars we will create overlays of these calendars on a Base Calendar.

Here we select Test Calendar A as our Base calendar.

On Test Calendar A go to Calendar Tab in the ribbon and click on Calendar Overlay icon.


This opens a new window and Click on the New Calendar button as shown below.


Step 4

The New Calendar window opens, so you can give any Name, Description and Color you desire to it.

Specify your web URL and Click on Resolve to see a list of all the available calendars in your site.

Make sure the Type of calendar is selected in SharePoint.


I have named the calendar as Work Calendar, specified the color Red, provided my Web URL and upon resolving it I get a list of all the calendars and I choose Test Calendar C for this.


Similarly I have created one more Calendar by Calendar Overlay and named it Leisure Calendar with List Test Calendar B



We can add a maximum of 10 calendars in a calendar View.

In the window below we will see all the calendars created on the base calendar Test Calendar A’s calendar view.


After all the settings, the final Test Calendar A looks like this, with all the other specified calendars overlaid on it.

Final Output


I hope this article was helpful.