How To Create New DLP Policy In PowerAPPS Admin Center


In this article, we are going to see about creating a DLP Policies and how it is useful to develop Power Platform Applications.

The DLP polices are used to secure the data, information, and content in your organization. The DLP policies are used to restrict the connectors to be consumed by the users for a specific purpose. Data loss prevention is broadly defined as technology or processes that: Identifies confidential data.

PowerApps is a service-oriented application used for developing custom apps for your organization.

Easily develop mobile and web apps for any business need—even if you have no technical or development experience—with Power Apps. 

PowerApps is truly the future of building custom forms and then making them available on mobile devices for your organization.

Launch Admin center in Power APPS

Click this link.

How to Create new DLP Policy in PowerAPPS Admin Center

Click Policies on your left side navigation

Expand the policies,

Click Data Policies and select New Policy,

Enter the name of the policy then click Next

How to Create new DLP Policy in PowerAPPS Admin Center

Then select the environment to restrict this connectors usage

How to Create new DLP Policy in PowerAPPS Admin Center

Review the policy and click create policy.

The new DLP Policy successfully has been created.


This feature makes it easy for makers of all skill levels to jumpstart the app development process.

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