How To Create Your Own NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique works of art, photographs, or any digital content that has no duplicate copy and can be traded online using cryptocurrency. NFTs are booming lately. They use cryptographic tokens to provide ownership on your digital assets and it is one of the use cases of blockchain technology. If you are new to NFTs, I highly recommend reading this article before you create your own NFTs What are NFTs and Why (or Why Not) You Should Get Involved.

Now, you've decided you want to create and sell your own NFTs, let's do it here. 

What is needed to create your NFTs on a Marketplace?

NFTs are mostly created on a public website or app and then they are listed for sale. The process of creating NFTs is also known as minting NFTs. Once NFTs are listed for sale, people can buy NFTs. Once the sale is confirmed, the NFTs move from the seller's account to the buyer's account. One more thing. NFTs transactions are done in cryptocurrencies only. That means you can only buy and sell NFTs using cryptocurrency that an NFTs is minted on. For example, if an NFT is minted on a marketplace that uses Ethereum blockchain, you can buy and sell NFTs on ETH only. 

Before you create and sell your NFTs, you will need the following:

  • A crypto wallet - You will need a crypto wallet with balance on it. When you create an NFTs, you need to pay a fee (small or large depending on the blockchain).
  • NFT Marketplace - A website or all where you want to create your NFT and list it for sale.
  • NFT item/collectibles - Your own unique digital work that you want to sell.

Additionally, you need to have some knowledge of cryptocurrencies. You can create and mint your NFTs in any of the marketplaces. There are several marketplaces available. However, in this article, I will take an example of the Stratis NFT marketplace and demonstrate how you can mint your own NFT in this marketplace.


Stratis group launched the world's first zero-fee NFT marketplace at the mid in January 2022. This platform enables low minting and exchange fees that benefit its user to save 99% cost during the transactions compared to Ethereum. This Stratisphere platform provides a secure NFT market to discover, collect and sell your NFTs. Furthermore, this group has strong community support.

In this article, I will illustrate how to create a new asset in the Stratisphere NFT marketplace. In a simple term, how to create your first NFT.


Stratis Wallet: To create your own NFT, you need to have a Stratis Wallet. You can download the wallet for desktop, Android, or iPhone from

It is recommended to use a mobile wallet to speed up your minting process which you can download from the app store as well. In this article, I will use a mobile wallet, however, a desktop wallet is also available.

How to obtain CRS

There are different ways to get CRS tokens. You can obtain them by following any of the below methods.

  1. Buy CRS from digifinex and send Cirrus to your mobile Stratis wallet.
  2. If you have already Strax then you can send it to your Stratis mobile wallet by selecting Cirrus in the top right corner as depicted below.

  3. If you don’t have Strax then you can buy from any of the exchanges:

    Binance,, Bittrex, bitvavo, and many more (more than 15 exchanges). And then you can send it to your Stratis mobile wallet by selecting Cirrus in the top right corner as depicted above.

Let’s begin with NFT creation in Stratisphere.

Login to Stratisphere

First, you need to open the site and click login.

You will get the QR code to login. You need to use a mobile wallet to scan the QR code and proceed to login.

You can login with a mobile wallet scan as portrayed.

Once you open your wallet, you can scan the QR code to login as shown above.

You will be successfully logged into the NFT marketplace of Stratisphere.

You can navigate to your profile and find some useful information like your wallet address, CRS balance, your NFT collected assets, and your trade history. Once you, login to stratisphere then, you can create an NFT in the marketplace.

Create and Add an NFT to Stratisphere Marketplace

To add your own asset NFT in the stratisphere, click on create as shown below.

We have two options, create a new asset, or add an existing asset.

Create A New Asset

We will create a new asset by clicking create a new asset option. This option will open a form to fill up information related to the NFT and upload the NFT. Note that, NFT should be your own work.

You need to fill above information like name, category, external website, description, upload NFT (Image or any digital content), Attributes (Label, Value), Sale details, Price. Then select Category: General, Games, Collectibles, Art, Photograph, and Sports.

We have two sale options: Fixed Price and Time Auction.

You can fill in the form based on your NFT, choose the price option, and click create as illustrated below.

Then, again there will be a QR code which you need to scan with a mobile wallet like stratisphere login.

After the scan, you need to pay a minimal gas fee amount which will be deducted from your wallet automatically.

After gas payment is sent, your NFT will be successfully created and listed in the NFT market.


Now you can navigate to your profile, you will see your NFT in collected Assets. Hence, NFT is created in the Stratisphere. Additionally, you can search the NFTs in the Stratisphere marketplace. This is how we can create an NFT in the Stratisphere. If you have any further queries, please join the Stratis community discord.


In this article, I have illustrated step by step how to create your own NFT and add it to Stratisphere marketplace. Stratisphere is the world’s first NFT marketplace with no service or platform fees. 

This article is intended just for knowledge sharing and helping those who want to get an idea about NFTs and the marketplace.


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