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  • Stratis Announces Q4 Roadmap10/3/2018 3:53:41 AM. Recently, Stratis, the creator of Stratis Platform and STRAT cryptocurrency, a C# and .NET based blockchain product for enterprises, has made an announcement regarding its product roadmap for the four
  • Stratis - Stratis Full Node8/5/2018 11:13:19 AM. The key component of a Blockchain is the Blockchain node. In order to understand how a Blockchain works, you must understand how a Blockchain node works.
  • Stratis - Introduction To Stratis Platform8/3/2018 11:59:40 PM. Stratis Platform is a flexible, powerful Blockchain development platform designed originally for the needs of real-world financial services businesses. It also provides benefits to other types of orga
  • Stratis Launches Puzzle Challenge To Find Its Next Rockstar Developer7/26/2018 7:25:19 PM. Recently, Stratis has offered a series of 12 sequential puzzles that include general logic, cryptography, blockchain knowledge, and aptitude. In the meanwhile top prize of the puzzles is equivalent to
  • Stratis Releases Blockchain Smart Contracts5/17/2018 1:00:55 PM. Today, Stratis released the alpha version of its blockchain smart contracts, written in C# and .NET Core.
  • Mahesh Chand Joins Stratis Board2/27/2018 11:04:50 AM. Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner has joined Stratis as an adviser.
  • C# Corner Partners With Stratis1/28/2018 1:30:07 PM. C# Corner partners with Stratis group to get more developers connected to and involved in the highly advanced blockchain technology.
  • Stratis Bitcoin Full Node for .Net Core in C# Goes Live3/29/2017 9:17:45 AM. Stratis Group releases powerful and user friendly tools for C# developers to build blockchain apps on .Net Core using C#. Learn more at the C# Corner Conference 2017.