Stratis Blockchain Student Hackathon


Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technologies of this time. More and more corporations are looking into blockchain use cases and implementations. C# Corner has always been the place to cover bleeding edge technologies including blockchain and hence, C# Corner Partnered with Stratis to bring Blockchain technology learning and adoption to its millions of members. The goal is this partnership is to produce learning content, hackathons, projects, books, and certifications for C# Corner members to learn Stratis and build business dApps. If you want to learn what Stratis Blockchain is, check out Introduction to Stratis Platform.

Seeing the bright future of Blockchain, C# Corner and Stratis Blockchain join hands to launch students focused "Stratis Blockchain Hackathon", where blockchain enthusiasts, or students who want to learn and implement Blockchain, will get a chance to showcase their blockchain and innovation skills and also WIN some awesome prizes.

About Hackathon

Stratis Blockchain Student Hackathon is a 1-week long online hackathon, in which participants have to Build a new functioning solution utilizing Stratis Smart Contracts in C# that relates to one of the following industries: banking and financial services, international trade and commodities, supply chain, energy, identity, Internet of Things, government, healthcare and medicine, automotive and gaming.

They should be useful, easy to use, innovative, and capable of being applied across a wide range of industries. These include banking and financial services, international trade and commodities, supply chain, energy, identity, Internet of Things, government, healthcare and medicine, automotive, and gaming.

The judges will be asking: does the tool provide a useful function, is it easy and engaging to use, is it doing something innovative, how well does the product function? Submissions can cover any kind of software application, such as the web, cloud, personal computer, mobile device, or console, but they must utilize Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.

The Stratis hackathon team will provide online webinars and learning material, technical support, and everything a participant needs to get started with Stratis blockchain. 


  • The Competition is open to participants from any jurisdiction. Participants may be natural persons (provided they are at least eighteen years old) and corporate or unincorporated bodies (whether or not having separate legal personality) (“Participants”). Participants may participate individually or form teams of up to four individuals (“Team”).
  • Current employees, contractors, vendors, and members of Organiser and Committee (defined below) or any entity or individual involved with the design, production, execution, or distribution of the Competition and their immediate family members and persons living in the same household, are not eligible to join the Competition as Participants.
  • Organizer may disqualify a Participant if it provides information that is not truthful, accurate, and complete.
  • Personal data supplied during the course of the Competition will be processed as set out in Organiser’s privacy policy
  • Where Participant is a Team, only one member of the Team should submit the Submission (the “Participant Representative”). Participant Representative must identify all other Team members in the Submission.
  • Team lead or individual needs to submit a brief idea of their solution by 1 August 2021, 5 PM IST.


  • The solution should demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology 
  • A link to one or more public GitHub repositories where developed source code is hosted.
  • A text description of the Application.
  • Submissions which, in Organiser’s sole determination: (i) adversely affect the reputation of Organiser or any of its personnel; (ii) are illegal under applicable laws;  (iii) contain any viruses or malicious code; or (iv) contain any infringing, obscene, indecent or malicious material or information, will be disqualified.
  • Participants shall develop a prototype of the smart contract application that is the basis of their Submission and commit its source code (and related technical documentation (all in the English language (or accompanied by a full translation) of a level sufficient to enable properly skilled technology developer to understand, develop and maintain that source code) in a public GitHub repository and license it under the open-source MIT license for Committee to review.


1. Mahesh Chand, Founder C# Corner

2. Rowan Dehass, Smart Contractor Lead Developer, Stratis Ltd.

3. Ivan Tarasov, Stratis Blockchain Developer, Stratis Ltd.

Prizes to be Won

Prizes worth $3000 (2.256 lakh INR) to be won.

  1. The winner will be awarded an Apple MacBook Pro and 200 STRAX.
  2. 1st runner's up will get an Apple iPad Mini and 100 STRAX
  3. 2nd Runner's up will get 300 STRAX.

Each of the winners, 1st runner's up, and 2nd runners will be awarded a memento.

Q. What are the judging criteria?

  1. Utility
    Does the entry solve a real-world problem?
    How well-identified is the potential audience or market for the contract?
    Is the entry a case where blockchain / smart contracts explicitly help?
    e.g. remove an intermediary, increase transparency
  2. Usability
    Are the contracts readable?
    Are they easy to understand, audit and is it obvious what the different methods will do?
    What - if any - tools have been built to help interact with the contract(s) or show their real-world application?
  3. Creativity
    How innovative is the idea?
    Is this a new approach?
    If applicable, does the entry tell a story, build a brand or have some personal flavor?
  4. Functionality
    Do the core parts of the contracts behave correctly?
    How well-tested are the contracts?
    How optimized are the contracts?
    Do the methods generally, consume the least possible amount of gas?
  5. Design & Documentation
    Is there a design document detailing the application?
    Are there any possible attack vectors and have they been documented and mitigated?

Q. Who can participate?

Answer: Anyone who is interested in Blockchain, and who has prior experience of working with C# and APIs can participate in this. Make sure to fill in basic details here

Q. Where can I register myself?

Answer: Register for the hackathon at

Q. What all will be the Problem Statements?

Answer: Participants can choose any of the problem statements from Devpost or GitHub.

Q. How to Start Learning Stratis Blockchain?

Answer: C# Corner is organizing a free webinar on Introduction to Stratis Platform and Hackathon and how to get Stratis. C# Corner will also provide a team of technical experts who will not only answer your questions but will help you with setting up your machines, installing and getting started with Stratis, and help with troubleshooting. The technical team will also help you during the hackathon to answer any questions you may have. 

Register at You can find the recorded session here.

You can find all the study material at Hackathon Study Material.

Q. What is the duration of the Hackathon?

Answer: Aug 5 - 11, 2021. The last date is extended to 18 August 2021.

The hackathon will start on Aug 5, at 9 am IST, and will end on Aug 11, 5 PM IST. Participants have to make the final submission by Aug 11, 2021, 7 PM IST, on the link.

Q. When will the Result be declared?

Answer: The result will be declared on 18th August 2021.

Q. Can an individual participate?

Answer: Yes, one can participate as a team or individual.

Q. What is the maximum team size?

Answer: Maximum team size is 4 members (1 Team lead and 3 team members).

Q. What will be the Submission Format?

Answer: Submission should be made with the following details

  • The solution should demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology 
  • A link to one or more public GitHub repositories where developed source code is hosted.
  • A text description of the Application.

Q. Where can I ask questions before and during the Hackathon?

Answer: You can ask questions below in the comment session, or in the official hackathon discord channel. You can also communicate directly with the hackathon technical team.

Q. Will, we have an introduction to the platform session?

Answer: Yes we will be conducting a webinar on 24th July 2021, from 4 PM to 5 PM IST. Register at

You can find the recorded session here.

Q. How much time will be provided to participants to get familiar with the platform?

Answer: Participants will be provided with study material at the end of the 24th July webinar, which they can go through and ask questions during the pre-hackathon period from 25th July to 4th August 2021. 

Q. Will the participants be provided with a hackathon wallet?

Answer: All participates need to use the CirrusMinerD node, which can be used by cloning StratisFullNode. Each CirrusMinerD node has 100,000 STRAX.

About Stratis

Stratis Ltd. is the creator of Stratis Platform, a blockchain technology platform for enterprises to build enterprise-grade blockchain-based solutions using Microsoft’s .NET framework and C# language. Stratis Platform is easy to learn, adapt, and integrate with existing enterprise applications. Stratis offers both public blockchain and private blockchain solutions. Stratis’s product offerings include Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Identity Platform, Supply Trust, STO Platform, DiFi, and Smart Contracts written in C# and executed on native .NET CLR makes it appealing to companies that want to build blockchain solutions on Microsoft stack.

Visit to learn more about Stratis Platform.

About C# Corner

C# Corner ranked below 3,000 globally is one of the largest online communities for software developers. Focused around the Microsoft stack, C# Corner reaches more than 5 million developers each month and provides daily updates on software development news.

C# Corner was founded and run by veteran Microsoft developers including several Microsoft MVPs, regional directors, and certified trainers. Mahesh Chand, the founder of C# Corner, is a 14-time Microsoft MVP and a former Microsoft Regional Director. Mahesh is also a published author and has issued half a dozen books on C# and .NET.

C# Corner is a members’ contributions-based community where members publish daily fresh content on learning and building better software and share their expertise via Blogs, Forums, Videos, Live Shows, and Speaking at Conferences and local User Group Chapters.

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