How to Do Work Folder in Windows Server?


In this article, I’m going to show you how to do work folders on Windows Server 2019 in the proper method and easiest way.

What is a Work Folder?

Work Folders is a Windows 10 feature that lets users access work files from their personal devices and corporate PCs. It allows users to keep copies of their work files on their devices and have them automatically sync to their company's data center.

Benefits Work Folder

Users gain a convenient location to store work files, and they can access those files from anywhere. Organizations use Work Folders to help maintain control over corporate data. They can store files on centrally managed file servers and define user device policies such as encryption and lock-screen passwords.

Step 1. On your server dashboard click “add roles and features”.

 Server dashboard

Step 2. Click next.


Step 3. Again, click next.


Step 4. Click next.

Destination Server

Step 5. Enlarge “File and storage services then again enlarge “files and iSCSI services and add the work folder.

iSCSI services

Step 6. Click “next”.

Server roles

Step 7. Again next.

Select features

Step 8. Click “install”.


Step 9. On your server dashboard click “tools”.


Step 10. Find “Windows sync share “right click on it” after clicking start.

Windows sync share

Step 11. On your server dashboard click “file and storage services”.

 Storage services

Step 12. Click “work folders” and again click “task” after clicking “new sync share”.

New sync share

Step 13. Click “next”.

Share Wizard

Step 14. Select “enter a local path” and click “browse”.


Step 15. After Go to your drive and create a folder then select that folder.

New volume

Step 16. Click next.

Server and path

Step 17. Select “user alias@domain” and then click “next”.


Step 18. Click next.

Folder structure

Step 19. Click “add”.

Access to groups

Step 20. Add domain users and click “ok”.

Domain users

Step 21. Click “next”.


Step 22. Again click “next”.


Step 23. Click “create”.


Note. Once created successfully you will get a message like this.

View results

Step 24. Come to your client's computer and log in as an administrator.


Step 25. Then come to run and type “regedit”.


Step 26. Here you can enlarge “local machine”, “software”, “Microsoft”, “windows” and “current version” After “current version” right-click and click “new” and then “key”.


Step 27. Name those keys as “WorkFolders”.


Step 28. In the created key click on and click “new” after selecting “DWORD (32-vit) Value”.

DWORD (32-vit)

Step 29. Name that values as “AllowUnsecureConnection”.


Step 30. Double click and open that value and change the value data to “1” then click “ok”.

Value data

Step 31. Come to your client control panel and open the work folder by searching the work folder option.

Folder option

Step 32. Click “enter a work folder URL instead.


Step 33. Here type your server’s name with the domain name and click “next”.

Server’s name

Step 34. Click “next”.

Folders location

Step 35. Tick “I accept these policies on my PC” and after click “Set up work folders”.

Set up work folders

Step 36. Once done you will reactivate this message and click “close”.


Step 37. Now you can see our server’s work folders feature running successfully.

Manage work folder


In this article, we all clearly understand how to do work folders on Windows Server 2019 in the proper method and easiest way. If there is clarification regarding this topic, feel free to contact me.

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