How To Install ReactJS


This is the second article of the ReactJS series. You can find the first article here,
In this article, I am going to discuss the installation and setup of React Js. Also, we will create our first application “Hello World”.
Before we will start with Installation and your first “Hello World” program, you should be familiar with the below technology prerequisites.
You should have basic knowledge of the below things before starting on React JS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ES6
Software required
We should have the below software installed before starting with React Js
  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • Editor – We will use Visual Studio Code editor.

How to Install Node Js

The below steps need to be followed to install Node.js.
  • Navigate URL 
  •  Click on Download Tab and click on Windows Installer. 
  • Based on the operation system, download .msi file and install it. 
Open Cmd and execute the below command to verify versions.
  1. node -v  
  2. npm – v  

How to Install Editor?

There are many editors available in the market. We are going to use Visual Studio code for this article.
You can install Visual Studio Code from below Url,

How to set up ReactJS?

ReactJs can be install using below two ways.
  • Using webpack and babel
  • Using the create-react-app command.
The scope of this article is installing React using create-react-app command as it is more simple.
Follow the below steps,
  1. Open VSCode.
  2. Create a Workplace or folder.
  3. Open File- Open Folder – Select the newly created folder.

  4. Go to Terminal tab – New Terminal – navigate to the folder.
Execute the below command and it will create a React application.
  1. npx create-react-app  
After the above command is completed, execute the below command
  1. npm start  
Now you can browse your first React application by clicking the URL display in the terminal.
That is all for this article. I hope you find it useful.