How We Can Add Setup Project in Window Service?


A setup project usually refers to a Visual Studio project that is used to make an installer for your Windows service when discussing Windows services. You can combine your service with any required files, registry entries, and configurations into a single installation package using this installer. The setup project makes it easier to deploy your Windows service.

How we can add a window services installer

Step 1. To add a setup project in Windows Services, we need to open the Solution Explorer within the project.

Solution Explorer

Step 2. In this step right, click on Project Solution. Click on the add option. Then click on the New Project option.

New Project

Step 3. Here, we have to find the setup project and select the setup project. Then click the next button.

Setup project

Step 4. Now we set our installer name as MembersContributionStatsInstaller and click on the create button.

Configure new project

Step 5. In this step, right-click on the application folder, click on the add option then select the project output option. 


Step 6. Select your window service and click on the ok button.

Project output

Step 7. Right-click on the installer, select the view option, then select custom actions.


Step 8. Right-click on the install option, then select add custom action.

Add custom action

Step 9. Now double-click on the application folder.

Application folder

Step 10. Select the ok button.

Note. repeat steps 8 to 10 for the install option. 


select item


Step 11. Now build the installer.


Step 12. Right click on installer and select the open folder in file explorer.

Open folder in solution explorer

Step 13. Open debug folder.


Step 14. Double-click on setup.


Step 15. Click on next button.

Setup Wizard

Step 16. Click on next button.

Setup installation folder

Step 17. Click on next option.

Confirm installation

Step 18. Click on close option. 

Installation complete

Step 19. Now check your service name in services.



To manage the installation, operation, and removal of your service on Windows systems, you must incorporate a Windows Service Installer into your project. It's an essential part of developing Windows services since it offers the configurations and settings you need to control how your service behaves and makes deployment easier.

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