Implement Organizational Branding In Office 365 And SharePoint Sites

Office 365 has a plain blue color branding across the tenant. This is the same case with all the SharePoint sites created in Office 365. Out of the box, other than the ‘Office 365’ text, there are no other organizational brandings present within the blue suite bar. When Office 365 is deployed across the organization, it is a common requirement to apply themes and company branding to the top bar. In this article, we will see how to,

  • Apply Organizational Logo
  • Update suite bar color branding
  • Update the text and font color
  • Add predefined themes to the tenant

We can apply the entire customization, mentioned above, and theme from the Office 365 Admin Centre.

Apply Custom Themes

To set up a custom theme, go to the Admin Center of Office 365.


Select Organization Profile tab from Settings section.


Here, you can see ‘Manage custom themes for your Organization’. Click on Edit button.

Manage custom themes for your Organization

This will open up the page where we can upload the organizational logo. As per the recommendation, the logo should be of 200*30 pixels for better resolution.


Once you have uploaded the image, other branding changes can be done on the same page. There are options to specify the clickable URL for the logo so that it redirects to the specified page on click of the organizational logo. In addition to this, we can also specify a background image.


Within the same page, we can specify the Font and text color as well as the suite bar navigation background color.

background color

Once the required changes are done, click on Save. This will show the message that the themes will be applied to the tenant in a short while.


Click on Close button.


The custom theme will get applied instantly in the Admin Centre. However, it will take some time to update the settings in the entire Office 365 tenant.

custom theme

Thus, we saw how to add custom logo and set up custom themes to the Office 365 tenant. Now, let’s see how to apply some Out of the box themes that are available in Office 365.

OOB Themes

You can access the OOB Themes by going to the Office 365 Settings in the Gear Actions Menu.

 OOB Themes

On Clicking Office 365 Settings, it will navigate to the page that shows the ‘Theme’ section. Click on it.


It will, in turn, list out all the available out of the box themes that can be applied to Office 365.


Select either of the themes and click on Save. This will apply the Out of the box theme to the Office 365 tenant.



Thus, we saw how to apply custom themes, add organizational branding, add logo,  and implement out of the box themes to the Office 365 tenant. These themes would be reflected instantly in Office 365 Admin Center. However, if it does not come up in the other pages including the SharePoint pages, don’t worry. It will take some time.