Implementing Azure Application Gateway


The Azure Application Gateway is a load balancing feature. The Application Gateway works on Layer 7 of the OSI model and enables you to manage traffic for our web applications.

In this article, we have created two Virtual Machines (VM1 for Video Server and VM2 for Image Server) for Testing the Applications Gateway and created an empty Subnet “Apps” for Application Gateway integration.

Create Azure Application Gateway

Step 1

Search for “Application gateways” in the Azure portal and click “Create.”

Step 2

Enter all the essential details in the Basic tab, select the correct Virtual network, and the system will automatically fetch the empty subnet “Apps” click the “Frontends button” to configure the Frontends.

Step 3

In the Frontends tab, create the Public IP address using the Add new and click Ok; click the “Backends button” to configure the Backends.

Step 4

In the Backends, click Add a backend pool to add the Backend Servers; enter the name for the backend servers, Choose the target type as a virtual machine and select the Virtual machines, and then click Add.

Two targets (VMs) are added to the backend pool; click the Configuration button.

Step 5

Now, we need to create the Routing rules only because in the previous configurations, we have configured the Frontends and the Backends; click the Add a routing rule.

Step 6

In the Listener tab, enter the name for the rule and select the priority as 1, and select the Front IP for Public.

Step 7

Click the Backend targets, select Backend target as “Web-Servers,” and Add new Backend settings; click Add button, and again click Add button to complete the Routing rules process.

Step 8

Click Review + create to deploy the Application gateway.

Step 9

To test our Application gateway, Copy the Frontend public IP and use it with /videos/ or /images/ we can see both servers loading.


In this article, we learned how to create the Application gateway; in our next article, we will learn how to manage the Application Gateway; if you have any questions, feel free to comment under the comment box.

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