Install Azure Toolkit For Eclipse


In this article, I will explain how to install Azure Toolkit for Eclipse. Azure Toolkit for Eclipse provides templates and functionality that allow you to create, develop, test, and deploy Azure applications using Eclipse. Azure Toolkit is an open source project and available at the following link. Please note, it is licensed under MIT.


The following software components are,

  1. Eclipse IDE for java EE developers Mars or later, and it is open source can be downloaded from following link

  2. A java development kit(JDK), v1.8(recommended) or later. JDK can be downloaded from following link

  3. You can view More information about azure toolkit for eclipse in eclipse marketplace. eclipse marketplace for azure toolkit for eclipse 

Install azure toolkit for eclipse

Step 1

Open Eclipse


Step 2

After opening Eclipse, click help menu and then click eclipse market place.

Step 3

In the search box, type azure toolkit, and after that a dialog box appears


Step 4

Select azure toolkit for eclipse 2.9.5 & select install

Step 5

A window will appear with a collection of bundle packages of azure toolkit for eclipse, and click confirm


Step 6

In the Review Licenses dialog, review the terms of the license agreements, and click I accept the terms of the license agreements and then click Finish. Packages will get downloaded after accepting license agreement


Step 7

The packages will automatically get installed, wait until it is finished


Step 8

A dialog box will appear to restart eclipse.

step 9

To check wheather azure toolkit is installed, open eclipse and select help menu ->eclipse market place->type azure toolkit in search box and following dialog box appears like this.


I hope this article will be useful & show you  how to install Azure toolkit for eclipse for easy creation, deployment and testing of applications.In my next article I will explain how to use a java template in Azure marketplace. Thankyou.