Install Java Application Server In Azure Virtual Machine


In this article, I will explain how to install a Java Application Server (Apache Tomcat) in Azure, using a virtual machine. After reading this article, you will be able to configure a Java Application Server in Azure.


  • An active Azure subscription.

Create a virtual machine and configure Java Application Server

Step 1

Login to Azure portal.

Step 2

Select virtual machine (classic) and select Add.

Step 3 

Search for JDK, select JDK version 7 and press enter.

Step 4

Click create button.

Step 5

In the basic virtual machine configuration dialog box, you need to create a name for your virtual machine, user name with password and create a new resource group with the location. Finally select OK.

Step 6

Select the size of your virtual machine and click select.


Step 7

After selecting, you don’t need to configure any settings. Click OK.


Step 8

Your virtual machine will be created. View your virtual machine running in resource group and select it.


Step 9
Select your virtual machine name for remote signing . 

Step 10

After your virtual machine starts, the popup menu at the top of the page allows you to connect by clicking connect.


Step 11

By clicking connect, you will have a download copy of your virtual machine name with .rdp file (since my virtual machine name is jet, I got a copy of jet.rdp).


Step 12

By opening that .rdp file, you will be able to see this type of remote desktop connection dialog box and click connect. If you are not able to connect remote settings, you need to configure the remote settings.


Step 13

Type remote settings in Cortana search and by the opening system properties; which you need to select to allow remote connection to this computer.


Step 14

You must login into remote settings by using your user name and password which you provided in virtual configuration and you will be able to see a virtual machine has been created.



Step 15

To install a Java Application Server, you can do it in two ways given below.
  1. You can copy a Java app Server to your virtual machine.
  2. You can install a Java app Server through the installer. In this article, I will install Apache Tomcat.

Step 16

After logging in into your virtual machine, open a Browser and search for Apache Tomcat or you can paste a link, which I have provided into search engine

To learn more about Apache Tomcat, you can visit the link

Step 17

Select 32/64 bit Service installer and configure the Add button for trusting Web and again select add button to add to internet zone and finally click close.


Step 18

Apache Tomcat will be downloaded and install it in your virtual machine.


Step 19

After completing setup wizard click finish. You can check whether Tomcat has installed in the search option.


In this article, I have explained how to install Apache Tomcat in virtual machine and in my next article, I will explain how to run Java Application Server privately on your virtual machine. Thank you.