Installing Moodle In Xampp

Moodle is an open source E-Learning management system. Moodle is written in PHP. PHP must be installed properly in your system in order to make MOODLE work properly.

System Requirements to install MOODLE:

  1. Minimum 256 mb RAM required for the installation(512 mb recommended).
  2. Minimum 160 MB available disk space.Space depends upon the number of user uploads.
  3. Atleast windows 98 OS is required for the installation.

Steps to install MOODLE on your system are as follows:

Step 1: Open and download the latest version of moodle for windows. MOODLE installer would be downloaded as a ZIP file.

Step 2: As soon as the ZIP file is downloaded,copy the Zip file and place at some place where the files can be extracted.


Step 3:

When the file is extracted, the process creates three files named as Start Moodle,Stop Moodle and a subfolder named Server.Start the server now.

Step 4:

Type localhost on your Web Browser.As soon as you type localhost on your web browser you will find following install page being opened on your system. 


Step 5: Kindly select your preffered language from the installation window and press Next.

Step 6: To run moodle properly,server has some criterias which they follow before installation.Server check for some tests.

Step 7:

After the completion of the various tests by server,you can now press Next Button.Here I am going to use the moodle installation for local testing therefore i will be using 'http://localhost" .
Click Next to continue.

Step 8: Now a new window will appear where we have to configure the database setting to store the moodle data.Here write username and password on this window.

Step 9: A new window will open which will check the server that has been installed.
 Now you will get a confirmation window that the config.php has been created successfully. 

Press Next Button then Press Continue.

Step 10:

Moodle Copyright window will appear.Press YES after reading the agreements.You will find that continuously windows will appear and you have to press Continue each time the window appears with a continue button.

Step 11: At last a admisnistration window will appear.Click on Save to continue.

Step 12: A last window will appear like below: 

When we will click on Save Changes button, it will be redirected to Moodle sites Home page.

Now the process of installing Moodle is being completed. Type http://localhost in your web browser and the moodle will be opened.

Note: We can configure moodle according to our needs.

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