Introducing Carbon - Google's New Programming Language


Google has announced a new programming language called Carbon. The Carbon release date is 19 July 2022. Carbon is a general-purpose programming language that was created at Google to be a C++ successor language. A Googler named Chandler Carruth introduced developers to the new programming language called Carbon.

Chandler Carruth, the technical lead for Google programming languages, told us that they would be starting this experimental work with the C++ community. The language will be designed and developed on GitHub.

Why build Carbon?

C++ is struggling to improve and meet developers' needs, as outlined above. This is in no small part due to accumulating decades of technical debt. Improving C++ is extremely difficult, due to the technical debt and challenges with its evolution process. The best way to address these problems is to avoid directly inheriting the legacy of C or C++.

Google also provides an excellent developer experience: Go, Swift, Kotlin, Rust, and many more. Unfortunately, the designs of these languages present significant barriers to adoption and migration from C++. These barriers range from changes in the idiomatic design of software to performance overhead.

Goals of Carbon Programming Language

Carbon could possibly be an evolution for both software and programming language. It will mainly focus on code that will be easy to write and read.

The Carbon programming language will also be a language that will be fast and scalable in development. It will support all the modern OS platforms and environments.

  • Performance-critical software
  • Software and language evolution
  • Code that is easy to read, understand, and write
  • Practical safety and testing mechanisms
  • Fast and scalable development

Hello World Program

package sample api;
fn Main() - > i32 {
    Print("Hello, world!");
    return 0;


If you're already a C++ developer, Carbon should have a gentle learning curve for you. It is built from a consistent set of language constructs that should feel familiar and be easy to read and understand

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