Introduction Of Dashboards In Power BI


A dashboard is also known as a canvas; in Power BI it is a single page that contains the highlights of the story through visualization.

Dashboards are a feature of the Power BI service only. They're not available in Power BI Desktop.

A dashboard has tiles. Tiles are visualizations of the reports on the dashboard. You pin the tiles to a dashboard from reports.

Advantages of Dashboard

Dashboards are very useful features to monitor a business and to see all of your most important measurements and data calculations. The tiles on a dashboard may come from one dataset or many and from one report or many. A dashboard is not just an image but also a very interactive display and tiles will get updated as per data changes.

Difference Between Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards Reports
Dashboards have only one page but can have one or more data sets and data sources Reports can have one or more pages but can have only one data set and data source per reports
It cannot filter or slice It has many ways of filtering, highlighting and slice
It always asks questions about your data Never asks questions
You can not see tables and fields in the dashboard itself Dataset tables, fields, and values can be seen in reports
You can set an email alert when certain conditions are met Cannot set the alert
You can set one dashboard as the featured dashboard Cannot create a featured report

How to create a dashboard?

As I have mentioned above, dashboards are features of Power BI services, not a Power BI desktop so you have to log on to Power BI service.

Login on ‘’ and you will get a 60-day free trial. Once you've logged in on Power BI services, you can see the ‘Workspace’ icon on the left side, click on it.

Now will get the option of ‘Create Workspace’. See the below image.

Create Workspace

After clicking on ‘Create a workspace’, a workspace will be opened. Here you can create a ‘Dashboard’, ‘Report’, ‘Dataset’, and ‘Streaming dataset’.

Streaming dataset

Here our task is to create a ‘Dashboard’ so click on ‘Dashboard’ type the name of the dashboard and click on ‘Create’.


Now your dashboard will be created. In a dashboard, you can see so many options, including ‘Add a Tile’, ‘Chat in Teams’, ‘Comments’, and many more. By clicking on ‘Add a Tile’ you can add a tile on it.



This is the overview of the dashboard and how to create it. I hope you understand. Stay with us to learn more about Dashboard and other features of Power BI. Thanks for learning. Have a nice day.

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