🖥️ Introduction To Amazon Workspaces


Amazon web services is one of the top cloud services providing companies in the world. AWS has 100+ services running in the AWS cloud. AWS cloud utilized by Start-up companies to large enterprise companies, they use different types of services, such as computing, network, storage, machine learning, IoT, Blockchain, and more. All services are low-cost compared to other cloud service providers.
In this article, I explain Amazon Workspaces. This Amazon Workspace gives an opportunity to our company employees to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
Introduction To Amazon Workspaces

Amazon Workspaces

Amazon workspaces enable cloud-based Microsoft Windows & Linux desktops for users. Amazon workspaces eliminate the complex installation of hardware and software processes. Amazon Cloud desktop users can access from anywhere and any device through apps & web browsers.

Workspaces Architecture

Amazon workspaces are associated with a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). AWS Directory services store & manage the information for workspace and users. Amazon Workspace uses Simple AD, AD Connector, or AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory to authenticate users.
Workspace users gain access by using a client application from a supported device. User login information is sent to the authentication gateway from traffic to the directory workspace. After the user is authenticated, streaming traffic is initiated through the streaming gateway.
Workspace connection ports
Client applications use these ports for workspace connectivity:
Port Name   Port Number
HTTPS 443 
 PCoIP 4172 
 WSP 4195 
 Network health check ports 4172 & 4195 

Accessing Workspaces

You can connect to AWS Workspaces by using client applications & web browsers by supporting the operating system.
Client applications are available for:
  • Windows OS
  • macOS
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Chrome books
  • iPads
  • Android
  • Fire tablets
(Amazon Linux does not support connection with web browsers, Amazon Linux workspace desktops connects only with Client applications)


I hope this article was useful for learning about AWS Workspaces.